AHA is an Association of like-minded falconers and game hawkers.

We believe in the practice and preservation of falconry as a field sport and in the conservation of birds of prey.

We are a family-oriented hunting organization.


General – Must be an Alabama Resident and a General or Master Falconer. May vote and hold an officer position in the AHA.  

Apprentice – Must be an Alabama Resident and an Apprentice Falconer. May vote but may not hold an officer position in the AHA.  

Associate: Open to non-residents and non-falconers (pending admin approval). Stay up-to-date. May not vote and may not hold AHA Office.  


The AHA’s membership year runs from March 1st through the last day in February of the next year.

Membership Fee is $20 per year for all levels. All fees are due by the last day in February each year (may be paid at meet).

We currently have very little members-only content set up on this website, although there will be within the next couple of months. However, once you become a member, you will be invited to join the members-only Facebook group.


The association welcomes persons interested in falconry and raptors. Applicants for membership need not be licensed falconers. Your membership dues to the organization pay for access to our events and a members-only page on Facebook where all club announcements will be posted. You will also gain access to the Alabama Hawking Association website (level of access will depend on your membership level) which is the official meeting place for the group to discuss club matters and the Open-to-the-Public Facebook page where all subjects relating to falconry; from training help to general questions concerning falconry are discussed.